Friday, February 4, 2011

A Cat A Day Makes One Say "Hurray" (Snoozey)

I have posted a lot of pictures and stories of trips to and from the farm with the dogs. Of hikes with the dogs. Of going to work with the dogs. Of the dogs sleeping in the living room. Of the dogs playing in the snow. I thought it was time to highlight some of the other critters in my life, the cats. I'll present one of them each day, beginning with Snoozey. When I began volunteering with the Shelter some years ago, I felt badly about all the homeless cats and decided that I could surely fit one of them into my home and my life. So I got into a "visit cage" with one I thought looked interesting for a meet and greet. The cat had no interest in me whatsoever and was, in fact, slightly hostile. When a cat volunteer found out what I was doing, she said "Oh, you should meet Snoozey. He's a sweetheart:"

Indeed, Snoozey was and is a sweetheart. I adopted him on the spot and had the added blessing of having saved a black cat. They are reportedly harder to find homes for and euthanized at a much higher rate than cats of other colors. Snoozey came home to live with me after the Shelter vet repaired his very large hernia. He has been an easy going cat from the beginning, happily sharing his new home with a stream of foster dogs, cats and kittens:

Several months into our new relationship, Snoozey's hernia repair failed and he had to go back for another surgery. This one was permanently successful and Snoozey has been a happy boy ever since:

Snoozey gets along with everyone, human or animal. In fact, much to my dismay, he even allows Fergus (the dog) to hump him. I always put a stop to it but also chuckle at the strange goings on in my house. Snoozey probably got his name because of his placid nature and the fact that he does indeed sleep much of the day away. I suppose he did the same as a kitten:

Snoozey always had a long tooth which stuck out of his mouth and I often nicknamed him "Snagletooth." But that tooth has fallen out as he aged. Snoozey is slowing down now and losing more teeth, but is otherwise happy and healthy. I am pleased to say that this little fellow has added much happiness to my life and I think I've done the same for him:

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