Monday, February 14, 2011

Casual Pictures Of Happy Pets At Home

I spun off the road and slammed into a snow bank during one of our recent blizzards. At first I thought I'd gotten off without any damage to myself or my car, but soon realized that I'd torn off many of the splash guards underneath my car and lost my camera when the contents of my briefcase exploded out during the accident. I've since had my car repaired and ordered a new camera (and found the old one hiding in a car door pocket). But all that has slowed me down a bit. But during the period when I was using an old camera, I snapped these relaxed and happy photos of the dogs and cats at home. This first picture is of Bramble and Clover keeping each other company:

Draco and Bramble play with a string:

Snoozey and Draco share a meal. The cat food is up on top of a book case to keep the dogs out of it:

Daphne plays with a rawhide chewie while Clover pretends to be a Sphinx:

Seamus loves the outdoors, and the cold. This being one of the coldest and snowiest winters we've had in a long time, he comes in from the back yard reluctantly and covered with snow:

Winky looks on as Seamus models his lovely coat of snow:

The new camera has arrived and I used it to take this photo of Wally and Daphne. It certainly produces brighter colors than the old camera:

This picture of Daphne, Seamus and Fergus was also taken with the new camera. I have not yet tried it for outdoor photography but should be doing so as you read this as I'll be returning from a trip to the farm:

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