Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Filler And Fluff, This Must Be Enough

It's been a rather difficult several weeks. My car slipped on the ice and smashed into a snow bank one day on my way home from work. This caused me to have some work done at the body shop and to have my wheels aligned. I also lost my camera in the crash and ordered a new one. All is well now, but I've fallen behind in blog posts. So here, as filler, are some photos of happy pets at home and at work. The first is Seamus, Fergus, Daphne and Winky:

Clover on top of Seamus with Fergus and Daphne nearby:

Daphne managed to get an elevated snoozing spot just like Clover does:

I made a trip up to the farm this weekend and hope to return with lots of photos to share - as long as I can figure out the new camera. These photos are all from the new camera.

In this picture, Daphne had slipped off her elevated spot and instead of climbing back up, contented herself with resting her head on Fergus' soft woolly back while her butt sticks up in the air:

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