Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clearing Skies, Adirondack Views

I was traveling northward through the Adirondacks on my way to the farm, but the weather was making things difficult by masking most of the views and causing random slippery spots on the roads. The traffic was heavy and the roadside snow banks were tall, so pulling off the road to snap pictures was tricky at best. And I could find no place to let the dogs out. But every now and then the clouds would part and I'd get a glimpse of the beautiful Adirondack peaks all around me:

As my car climbed up out of the Keene Valley, the views opened up and I found a few plowed spots where I could pull off the roads. The surrounding mountains there are very close at hand, making the trees, rocks and snow on them were visible in great detail:

Blue skies! What joy!:

I briefly considered letting the dogs out here but, as you can see, the highway was too close and it would not have been safe. Sorry, dogs. We'll keep looking for a spot as we travel onward:

As I looked back toward the Keene Valley, the mountain views were just beginning to open up:

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