Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Marcy Field Parking Area

The dogs and I were driving home through the Adirondacks from a night up at the farm. The weather had been difficult but cleared up just a bit as the road descended into the Keene Valley:

A small flock of wild turkeys crossed the road in front of my car and I managed to pull off onto the shoulder in time to get a quick snapshot of them. It was only afterward, while editing the photos, that I noticed the snow covered pickup truck parked in the woods:

Once again I'd been unable to find any place to let the dogs out. The snowbanks were high and the pull-offs were mostly unplowed. But then I turned down the entrance to the parking area of Marcy Field and found it mostly plowed. I'd hoped to let the dogs walk the hiking trail which begins from there but found it totally inaccessible because of the deep snow. The views from the parking lot were still good, though:

Though the skies were gray and overcast, I could still see the closer mountains surrounding Marcy Field:

So I shot a few pictures of the surround Adirondacks while I was in the parking lot:

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