Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Cat A Day Makes One Say "Hurray!" (Draco)

When I was volunteering at the Shelter, I began as a dog walker. But as time went on, I became more involved with the cats and other animals. I also was granted permission to access the otherwise "off limits" parts of the Shelter where sick animals and puppies were kept. For quite a while, every time I entered through the door to that room, a large white cat in a cage would stick out its paw and pat me gently on the shoulder. That cat turned out to be Draco:

It took many weeks for Draco to make it from the back room to the adoption floor. I kept an eye on him, but felt that such a handsome and friendly cat would soon be adopted. Many more weeks passed and still he waited. When I investigated, I learned that Draco was totally deaf and that, perhaps, was why he had not been adopted. Well, we'd already formed a friendship and I already had a house filled with animals, so you know what happened next - Draco came home with me:

Draco is friendly cat and totally unafraid of dogs. He likes everyone and everything except my other cat, Rocky (see yesterday's post). The two of them got along for years until one night when there was a big fight. They've cooled their hostility since then, but still there are hostile looks and harmless "charges." But most of the time Draco keeps himself busy as a decorative ornament in my house:

Draco is the only cat who is allowed into my bedroom where the birds and guinea pigs live. Once each morning he enters after I've done my chores and cleaning. I think his only interest is the brief ceremony where I pick him up and carry him back out the door. This produces so much ecstatic purring that I figure it reminds him of his kittenhood when some child may have carried him around the house:

Draco was picked up as a stray cat on the mean streets of inner city Albany. But he's found himself a home and a family of other critters where he can now live out his life in comfort and in ease:

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