Saturday, December 5, 2009

Traveling Through The High Peaks

The Dogs and I left the Keane Cemetery and began our way northward up through the Adirondacks on Thanksgiving morning. The scenery, of course, was beautiful. The dogs were happy. It was a fine day:

I passed this lovely stream through the spruce forest and stopped to snap a picture:

And some high peaks in the distance as I drove through the town of Brighton:

This old house is also in the town of Brighton, though the whole town is really quite rural. I've passed this house many times and seen the antique vehicles. There seems to be people living there or at least sending their weekends, so I've never before stopped to take a picture. This time I stopped nearby, not in their driveway, and took a picture from the adjacent meadow. There's a wagon wheel in one upstairs window. On Thanksgiving Day, the door was open:

An old barn, birch tree and farm implement - also in Brighton:

I pulled into a small cemetery on Route 30. There wasn't much area for the dogs to run, but I did see a herd of horses. An adjacent homestead had donkeys, goats, sheep and chickens:

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