Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time Spent At The Farm

I arrived at the farm in the afternoon of Thanksgiving day. The tenants were gone, the couple across the road was gone and the dogs and I had the place to ourselves. It was fairly warm for a late November day in northern New York. So the dogs and I wandered around checking out the great new improvements to the barn. Some day I hope to have Red Poll cattle in the barn and laying hens in the former milk room. Life was looking good as I inspected all the recent work:

We walked around the house to also inspect the 3 large maples which had been taken down. All 3 would have been a serious threat in the event of an ice storm. Instead, they'll now provide heat for the couple across the road. That's their house and barn shown here:

Wally trots around the north end of the house. The other dogs are all somewhere nearby even though not shown in the photo:

The farm house, apartment and barn. It's amazing to think back on how it looked when I bought it. It's come a long way thanks to my friend, Rick:

I lifted Wally up on one of the downed tree trunks to help illustrate how big they are. I didn't realize when I did it that there's a bee nest in this one. Happily, they didn't bother us:

Then I put the dogs inside their fence and went inside the barn to look at the new wiring and lighting. Once the clutter and construction debris is cleared out, this barn will be ready for cattle:

The dogs were upset that I'd gone off without them and looked at me forlornly as I exited the barn:

So I took them all (even Wren and Winky) for a walk across the north field. Well, I had to carry Wren most of the way out, but she walked most of the distance as we returned to the house:

Notice the flopping ears. Seamus and Fergus, good buddies always, are running and playing:

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