Monday, December 14, 2009

Further Travels Touring The Northern Farmlands

OK, it's still a rainy Black Friday and I'm still taking a driving tour through the rural area near my farm snapping photos and getting a feel for what will be my new neighbors. I really liked this well kept barn and shingled silo (also notice the bluebird house near the fence in the foreground):

This rambling farmstead was covered with board and batten, probably a wise choice up there where the winds are strong and the winters are extra cold:

Old wood-cutting tools decorate this home in the north woods:

And the log cabin look is always stylish near the Adirondacks:

Many of the farms and barns I photographed may look like they've seen better days, but in reality, many farms such as this one appear rather prosperous:

I saw a homemade sign advertising fresh organic brown eggs and turned down a long dirt driveway to buy some. I used to raise eggs so good that the Honest Weight Food Co-Op had people waiting in line for them. Since I lost my chickens, I've been unable to eat store bought eggs. They're tasteless and inedible since I got spoiled by home grown eggs produced by happy chickens allowed to graze on grasses and bugs and live a life of contentment. The thought of getting some more eggs like that was surely an enticement. So I drove down that long dirt driveway and across two plank bridges to get some. The chickens were inside this barn (notice that it's green, such a popular barn color up there):

I knocked on the farm house door but no one answered. There was no one home and no accommodations made for self-service sales. Sadly, I said goodbye to this friendly Jersey/Brown Swiss(?) mixed family cow and departed. But I'll be back some day:

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