Monday, December 7, 2009

I Arrive At The Farm On Thanksgiving Day

It was Thanksgiving day and the dogs and I were headed up to the farm for the first time in a month. We'd reached the Northern Adirondacks and then, instead of continuing on Route 458 as usual, turned onto the historic Port Kent Road in St. Regis Falls. This narrow, 2 lane, blacktopped road with few shoulders takes me directly through the spruce forests toward my farm:

I arrived at the farm and pulled into the driveway. I immediately noticed the beautiful new barn windows. What an amazing improvement:

I let the dogs out to run around and check everything. Here, Casey makes the inspection tour:

I walked to the south end of the barn and turned back toward the house. I saw my car, the farm house and the dogs playing in the yard. It did look inviting and I was glad to be "home.":

The old cable I found in the north hay field is still there. So is a lot of junk and construction debris. I'll have to rent a dumpster in the spring but for now, I'm just admiring the windows. The former milk room, seen here, will someday be my chicken house:

The north end of the barn with its new windows and new sliding door. Inside, it has new wiring and lights:

A tree company has recently taken down the 3 giant old maples with hollow trunks which threatened both the house and the power lines. The people across the road are taking the wood for firewood and will plow my driveway this winter in exchange:

Casey trots around the north end of the house and you can see the trunk of the big maple which once stood between the house and the power line. The neighbor will cut no more on this trunk until winter because it is full of bees. They know a beekeeper who may rescue them, but for now, no one wants to cut up that giant old trunk:

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