Monday, December 21, 2009

Going Home, Traveling Through The Keane Valley

The dogs and I were driving home from our trip to the farm. We'd stopped at a snowy Lake Placid cemetery and shot some pictures of the high peaks from the road which leads to the high peaks camp. It was time to finish the journey and get home. So I took one last photo of the town of Lake Placid with its Olympic Ski Jump towering above it, got back into my car and headed southward:

But I only got as far as the Keane Valley when the sun began to emerge over the snowy mountaintops and I just had to stop to take another photo. There was no snow on the ground down in the valley but the more northerly mountains were white and still shrouded in clouds:

These peaks in the distance are ornamented with both snow cover and newly emerging morning sunlight:

And facing toward the south, I saw this magnificent scene:

This was in late November and the smaller, more southerly mountains were not yet snow covered:

But the higher peaks just a few miles to the north were already experiencing winter. This was my last photo. It was time to get back into my car and finish the journey home:

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