Friday, December 11, 2009

Taking A Tour Of The Northern Farmland

I was up at the farm all day on Black Friday and didn't have much else to do, so I drove in to Massena to buy groceries and supplies. But I took the scenic route, a circuitous path which would give me a tour of more of my rural neighbors to be. I began snapping photos and got carried away with it. This first picture shows a well kept northern farm and its grounds:

This old barn may no longer be used for livestock, but apparently is still a valued storage building:

This old barn seems to be a major hay storage location. I noticed that green is a popular barn color in the area and that robin's egg blue is a popular house color:

Old silos bespeak a time with this was a major dairy farming area. There's less dairying now, but still lots of farming, particularly beef and hay:

A friendly, comfortable old house:

And speaking of robin's egg blue...................................:

Large, well ventilated barns are essential for hay farming:

Another green barn, this one apparently unused as the tree fallen on it has been ignored:

The St. Regis River runs right along the County Highway for a great distance and provides many beautiful views. There are rivers and ponds all through the area:

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