Friday, December 18, 2009

My Farm Apartment

The dogs and I stayed up at the farm for two consecutive nights and enjoyed it very much. Besides my photo tour of the rural roads which you've seen in previous posts, I visited the retired farmer who had purchased a herd of Irish Dexter Cattle but wasn't very satisfied with them. When I arrived, he was attempting to get his bull out of a neighbor's field of cows. The bull attacked him whenever he got close, so he called in a friend with a tranquilizer gun. I didn't stay for the action, but did leave him photos and production data on the Red Poll cattle breed. Maybe he'll buy some also.

Anyway, here are some shots of the farm apartment. In the first photo, all the dogs but Wally (who is undoubtedly under the kitchen table) are resting from their activities:

Winky and Wren, who are buddies and pals, are comfy on their pillows. I've discovered that I can buy pillows at Wal-Mart for about $2.50 when a dog bed is more like $25.00. And pillow cases are easily washable:

Looking out across my bed through the window to the barn:

The former downstairs bathroom to the farm house became part of the apartment when Rick remodeled. It's quite nice:

I remember from last summer that both flowering crabs are right outside my bathroom window. I'm looking forward to having that view again:

Hi, Dad. Ya' wanna play?

The sun is setting and the temperatures are dropping outside, but indoors, the dogs and I are comfortable and ready for sleep:

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