Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Drive Around Upstate New York

I'd arrived at the farm on Thanksgiving day and stayed overnight. I woke up on Friday morning thinking about what I'd need to bring with me on my next trip up to the farm. But it was "Black Friday," it was raining and I hadn't much else to do so I hopped in the car and drove to Massena. I took a slightly different route so I could see more of the area. I also snapped lots of photos.

I began by touring a County Route very close to my farm but which I hadn't yet seen. I turned onto it at an intersection where I saw this former country store:

As I began down the road, I next saw multicolored chickens grazing alongside the highway:

And there were more chickens, cows and horses inside the fence, all grazing:

And when I got to the house of the people who apparently owned all this free ranging livestock, I saw two happy, friendly, untethered calves (and more chickens) on their front lawn:

This was the house. It seemed like the kind of old fashioned farm which I'd like very much - except that I wouldn't let my livestock loose to wander onto the highway. Notice the brown calf on the front lawn:

I continued on my way, making a tour of what will be my new neighbors and snapping photos as I headed in to Massena to join the crazy shoppers at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. This photo may give the impression of an abandoned farm, but it is still occupied:

And this historic old brick house apparently used to have a wooden front porch attached;

A quintessential upstate small farm:

Old barns are about as common as horses up there:

 And some of the old barns are marvels of design:
It doesn't show up well in the photo, but this barn had giant letters on its front reading GOLDEN SALMON RANCH. I guess I'll never know why:

Golden Salmon Ranch update, 12-24-15: I received this message from a woman in the U.K:
Good afternoon, I stumbled upon your blog by chance today as I am researching the life of my late uncle. I came across your post in 2009 entitled 'A Drive Around Upstate New York.' You mentioned here that you saw a ranch by the name of 'Golden Salmon Ranch' with the comment : 'I guess I'll never know why'. This struck a cord with me and I felt compelled to contact you. This ranch belonged to my uncle Bernard Haines who moved from here in England to America way over 25 years ago. He set up an incredibly successful salmon and carp fishing ranch before moving to the Philippines where he died. I never got the chance to visit him or his home but from what my mother has said it was a vast, truly beautiful place. I found this advert when he was trying to sell his business in 2005:
I hope this reaches you well and your curiosity has been answered! With kindest regards and warmest wishes from the south coast of England- Jennifer

 Rural upstate New York at its finest:

An old barn:

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