Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brasher Falls, New York

One of the closest small towns is Brasher Falls, pronounced with a long "A." It almost rhymes with "glazier." It's quite small but appears more prosperous than many in the area, perhaps due to the large modern central school located there. An IGA grocery store recently opened in Brasher Falls which is a boon to everyone in the area. Most of the pictures from that day have a grayish look to them as it rained all day.

As I returned home from shopping, I passed through Brasher Falls and was immediately struck by this classic octagon house:

Town houses have a different look than farm houses, but I'd be hard pressed to explain what the differences are. Perhaps more compact, less sprawling. More ornamented, less plain:

This is downtown Brasher Falls. Yes, all of it. The bridge up ahead crosses the St. Regis River and the falls. There's a town park along the river by the bridge and a campground on the river just up the road from it. The IGA is just ahead on the right:

This is part of the small town park on the river:

Standing in the town park and looking towards the bridge:

On the other side of the bridge I saw the ruins of what I guess was once a mill across the river. And I suppose these giant stone discs were millstones:

If you lived in Brasher Falls, you'd be within easy walking distance of many scenes such as this:

A duplex on the banks of the St. Regis River:

This small mini-mart is on the corner where the two county routes diverge. I wonder if the opening of the IGA has hurt its business:

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