Saturday, December 19, 2009

Driving Home Through The Snowy Mountains

Saturday morning of my stay at the farm dawned with much cold, wind and snow. It was time for me to drive home and there wasn't much alternative. So I packed up the dogs and and we headed south toward Albany. The landscape scenery was much different with the snow than I was used to. This is Barnham Pond, which I've photographed many times before in nicer weather. This time it's snowing and cloudy, so much so that the background mountains are almost hidden:

The drive south through the wintry Adirondacks went without incident and, nearing the town of Lake Placid, I noticed a cemetery at which I had not previously stopped. The dogs and I needed a break, so I pulled in:

The surrounding high peaks were mostly shrouded in clouds. Snow was slowly falling and it was in many respects a pleasant place to be:

The dogs were happy just to get out and do their thing. Here, Wally and Wren trot around the tombstones:

Winky found a spot with less snow and investigated:

Old Casey seems to be more thoughtful:
Winter had come at last to the Adirondacks. Seamus, Wren, Wally and Casey.:

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