Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Massena, NY Animal Shelter

While staying up at the farm during the Thanksgiving weekend, I drove into the "big city" of Massena to do a bit of shopping. I toured a lot of rural roads along the way, getting a feel for the area and taking lots of photos. But when I passed the Massena Humane Society, I had to stop and visit.

I spent a few years volunteering at our local animal shelter and most of my dogs and cats are former foster animals who no one else wanted or that I fell in love with and couldn't bear to see go. Actually, most of my pets fit both criteria. So the Massena Shelter was a real draw for me:

My first impression was how much smaller this shelter was than the one at which I'd volunteered. And when I went inside, I saw this row of cat cages which were mostly empty. I asked the nice lady at the desk how they got so lucky as to have only a few cats and kittens. She told me that they weren't so blessed, but that most of their felines were at the mall participating in an adoption clinic. So I guess excess cats bred by irresponsible people are a problem everywhere:

And then I entered the dog area, with 6 or 7 kennels:

I didn't find out where they put excess dogs or what their adoption fees are. But she did tell me that they require an adoption application and that they check references. She told me that they seldom euthanize dogs except in cases of those dangerously aggressive or terminally ill. She told me that most of these dogs had been there for a "long time."

Here's a view of some the canine residents:

A perky, attentive face:

Lots of energy:

Two husky mixes, presumably siblings:

A beautiful Basset Hound. One would think this dog would be adopted quickly and perhaps it's now in its permanent home. I confess that I was momentarily tempted. But then I came to my senses:

When I first entered the dog area, I saw this spotted Pit Bull and thought, "Oh, no. This poor dog will be difficult to find a good home for." But it began playing with its bedding and trying to get my attention in a most appealing, puppy-like way. With such behavior, this dog may indeed attract a family. Also, I chided myself for thinking in breed-negative ways. I should know better, of course, but sometimes show my prejudices anyway:

"Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!"

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