Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Adirondack Sand Dune

Still on our way up to the farm on Thanksgiving Day, I turned onto Route 458 in the northern Adirondacks and noticed high hills covered with Reindeer Moss (lichens) on both sides of the road. The dogs and I needed a break, so I parked and we all climbed up one of the hills:

I was amazed to see tubby little old Wren trotting up the hill with us, apparently with little difficulty:

Seamus, Casey and Fergus, of course, ran on ahead. What's a little hill to experienced mountain hiking dogs?:

I was also surprised to discover that this hill was made entirely of sand, soft as a sand dune at the coast. I long ago noticed that the Adirondacks had a lot of sand, but have never seen anything like this. This was a sand dune covered with Reindeer Moss and soft enough under foot for me to sink in a bit with each step. In this photo, Winky and Wren are arriving at the top of the hill:

Casey, Fergus, Wally and Seamus were already there and having a grand time giving the whole area a very thorough sniffing:

The dogs knocked over some Reindeer Moss and I turned it back upright hoping it wouldn't be harmed. I saw no "roots" or other anchors as it seemed to rest loosely upon the sand:

The views from the sand dune were good and apparently it had some fascinating smells as the dogs were quite taken with it:

I didn't call them over for a photo op, but four of the dogs did group themselves so I could take their picture:

Do you want a more formal pose, Dad? How's this?

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