Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lake Placid Area Winter Scenery

The dogs and I were driving home from the farm on a snowy Saturday morning through the Adirondack mountains. We'd stopped for a break at a cemetery on the outskirts of Lake Placid. Then we drove through the town and, looking back, I decided I just had to snap a photo of the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jump with the high peaks in the background:

The scenery in the other direction was also dramatic. This was early in the morning, very much overcast, with snow still falling:

The mountaintops, of course, had more snow than the valleys and seemed to be back-lit with a mysterious glow:

These are hay fields in the summer time. Now, I guess, they're snow fields. All surrounded by Adirondack mountains:

This road, I remember from days past, leads to the high peaks camp from which people hike many of the tallest Adirondack peaks, especially Mount Marcy. I've hiked quite a few of them in a younger day and once got caught in a summer mountaintop snow storm:

It was time to travel on. I turned back toward the town of Lake Placid and snapped one last photo. Traveling through these mountains will be a different experience now that winter has arrived:

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