Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blackhead Range Hike - Three Videos

I took three videos of scenes while hiking these Catskills woods. They're not action packed adventures but I hoped to convey some of the eerie mystery and beauty. The first is of the foggy woods (see also yesterday's post):

In this second video, I don't speak a word but only try to illustrate the incredible beauty of a moss covered rock ledge dripping water in the forest. I found it a calming, peaceful scene and there's no other sound but the dripping water, at least until a muddy Fergus trots into the picture toward the end:

In this third video, I attempt to capture the beauty of a stream cascading down the rocky ledges. It's all very peaceful until I speak to the dogs at the end. Warning - If you have your speaker up too loud, my voice can be startling:

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