Saturday, June 7, 2014

(Very) Late Springtime On The Farm

I have been working on building new shelves for the pigeons, as well as a door to let them outside for fresh air and exercise:

Spring arrived very late in the north country this year, and these photos are about 2 weeks old, so things have advanced even more than these pictures show. The many lilacs around the farm house did not put on a great show this year, though the individual flower clusters were quite nice:

This low ground cover, called Lamium, was undoubtedly planted beneath the lilacs many years ago by the previous owner. I've moved it around and it is growing well:

One Flowering Crab bloomed pretty well this year:

And the wild strawberries in my "lawn" did quite well:

The apple blossoms, however, were quite disappointing, except for one tree on the corner of the property:

This one apple tree bloomed profusely, albeit briefly:

The chickens spend every day, all day, grazing, pecking and scratching:

They get lots of exercise, sunshine, fresh air, greens and bugs:

Not all the hens follow the rooster around, but about six of them do:

I have one old Fashioned Bleeding Heart and it did well this year:

The Flowering Crab whose flowers look like rose buds produced only four blossoms this year - and these are them. I'm glad there were at least four of them to look at:

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