Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cemetery Road In The Town Of Lawrence - Part 2

I continued my driving tour of Cemetery Road, stopping to snap a photo of this attractive home with a lilac out front and a wraparound porch:

This small herd of Jerseys was not confined in this pen. They could have walked out at any time and one, as you can see, did just that. But apparently they felt safe and comfy in there:

A mobile home, set back in the trees:

There were long stretches of woodlands along Cemetery Road, with occasional lanes leading back into the unknown. I always wish I could follow them and find out where they lead:

A small, brown house with a picnic table, all nearly hidden behind the trees:

And another mobile home:

This home had a smaller building next to it and I wondered if it was used as a guest house:

There were fields and woodlands in alternating patches, sometimes in odd shapes. The combinations created an enticing, welcoming scene:

This home, set way back off the road, had a sort of bordering fence made of realty sign posts:

A large, modern home with an American flag:

And a home and sheds in classic red. This home had an impressive porch:

This home was the last place on the road. I snapped one final picture, put my camera away and continued on to the feed store:

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