Friday, June 20, 2014

High Falls On The Salmon River - Part 3

We climbed down a steep rock face, past the base of the falls and walked out onto the flat rocks beside the Salmon River. We were looking downstream when this was taken:

And this was looking upstream, at the falls plus the flume above it. It was roaring loudly and filling the air with mist:

Seamus, surprisingly, did not go into the water. I think he was tired from climbing down the rocks:

Those stairs you see on the right were half rotten logs and several feet above the ground. I could maneuver them and the smaller dogs were able to get up and down them. Poor Seamus, however, was totally incapable of it, so when it came time to leave, I took him by the collar and dragged him up the logs. I saw no other way. It's a good thing he's such a compliant fellow:

But first, we took one last look at the falls. I didn't know if there were salmon in the Salmon River, but surely there must have been. I Googled it and learned that Atlantic Salmon used to swim upstream here, presumably even beyond the waterfall, but do so no longer. It didn't say why they stopped:

Once up the steep, rocky bank, we continued uphill on the hiking trail:

And back out the way we'd come, crossing the log bridges:

Fergus and the Papillons were still running full speed. Seamus and I had slowed down considerably at this point

I began seeing Painted Trilliums with thin, strap-like petals. At first I thought it was an odd species or some abnormality, but when I looked it up later, I discovered that Painted Trilliums often have thin petals. They looked kind of orchid-like:

We continued on through the forest which again became full of Balsams, scenting the air with their sweet fragrance:

We followed alongside the Salmon River (to our right):

Almost to the trail head, I stopped to remove a pebble from inside one of my braces. The dogs continued to check everything out while I worked at my brace and shoe:

And the last photo of the day was almost to the trail head, where there was a large patch of Foamflower in bloom:

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