Sunday, June 22, 2014

Canton Summer Festival In The Park

I'd looked forward to Canton's Dairy Princess Parade for a whole year and the big day arrived. It was a hot, sunny Saturday and just right for the festivities in the park. Venders were set up beneath the trees and most tried to pay homage to the dairy theme in some way, even if only with a small, inflatable cow:

The actual parade was more than hour away so I enjoyed strolling through the shady park, watching the people and the bright colors:

This grandmother was trying to get her terrified granddaughter to have her picture taken with the big cow-person. The little girl cried and refused, so grandma demonstrated how easy it was:

There were balloons and ice cream:

Bouncy-Bounce castles and other attractions:

This vendor was selling hand crafted bird houses:

There were calves for petting:

And goats who actually begged for attention:

The fountain was filled with rubber ducks:

One could buy just about anything there that day:

Hot dogs, hamburger, french fries:

A Christian summer camp from near me set up a dunking booth and it was a huge hit. Hitting the target and dunking the victim must have been rather easy because each victim dropped into the water so often that they had to take turns. You can see one boy sliding into the tank while another boy shivers, wrapped in a blue blanket. But everyone was having fun. The time soon came for the parade to start, so I walked away from the park and through the town of Canton to see the parade near its starting point. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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