Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Red Poll Girls In Summer

Spring arrived late, but then we seemed to jump directly into summer. The Red Poll cows sought out whatever shade they could find:

I moved them temporarily to to the north field where the grass was taller:

They had a favorite spot near the barn where they could lounge on the dirt. I thought this odd until I noticed them throwing dirt over their backs to discourage the flies:

They are looking happy, healthy and well fed. Only one of them, Jasmine, really looks pregnant:

Summertime has meant that their water consumption increased dramatically, up to 300 gallons a day:

Jasmine, the cow whose face shows here, has become tamer than ever:

And speaking of Jasmine, that's her on the right with her pregnancy showing. You may think that Gracie, the cow on the left, looks pregnant also, but she is not:

Life for a cow consists of lots of grass eating, cud chewing, water drinking and fly swatting:

And lounging around:

They sure know how to look casual, don't they?:

A local farmer stopped along the road one day and hollered over to me that my cows were beautiful. That was the highlight of my week:

Jasmine once again. I guess she's my favorite and winds up in a lot of photos:

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