Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Photos From Around The Farm

Our spring seemed to suddenly turn into summer, but everything was exceedingly lush and green:

My old fashioned Bleeding Heart stayed in bloom for a very long time, long enough to become intermingled with various wildflowers (AKA weeds). That's the neighbors' barn across the road in the background:

I opened the window for the fantail pigeons every day but they refused to go outdoors. I walked over to the window to coax them out, but to no avail. This bird looked at me as if to say, "Are you kidding? I ain't goin' out there:"

I gave them stove burner liners as nests and they seemed to appreciate them:

All in all, they seem to be happy birds and they're becoming tamer every day:

It appears that I have two mated pairs, but so far there's been no successful nesting:

I kept finding this bird's egg on the shelf outside her nest. I'd put it back but then find it out of the nest the next time, so I'd put it back in the nest again. I don't know if she pushed it out intentionally or if it stuck to her feathers and fell out when she left the nest:

The chickens spend all day, every day, outside and are looking exceedingly healthy:

There were four hens crowding into the next box with the eggs. But the hatching date is unclear and no chicks have yet appeared. It was a noble experiment, but perhaps without results:

My little rooster has a contingent of hens who follow him everywhere - not all the hens, but some:

The pigeons may have rejected my outdoor perch, but the chickens were happy to use it:

As for the cows, they are well fed, healthy and happy:

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