Monday, June 16, 2014

McAuslin Road to O'Connell Road - Part 3

At some point, McAuslin Road passed into Franklin County and became O'Connell Road. It also became more agricultural and the hay fields increased in both size and number:

There were more homes as well:

Most homes were well kept and attractive, with many newer homes:

The hay fields were interspersed with woodlands, combining to make an unusually attractive, lush, green landscape:

This woodsy home was set far back in the trees:

This handsome home appeared to be an old farmstead in spite of its well tended exterior. That giant old tree and lilac bushes were quite old:

I passed by modern homes:

As I neared the end of the road, I stopped to take a photo of this remarkable, old barn:

I turned the corner onto the highway to begin my journey home and photographed the end of the above barn. It sure was a beauty!

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