Tuesday, June 24, 2014

St. Lawrence County Dairy Princess Parade - Part 2

Roughly half the parade had passed by me when this 1948 Ford went by:

And I got a big kick out of this float from a retirement home. I thought it wonderful that they participated and had a sense of humor:

Reality Check, a youth group fighting the smoking habit:

This marvelous action float had a moving cow (two, actually) jumping over the moon. There was also a giant spoon, so they apparently were referencing the nursery rhyme:

The State University at Canton's basketball mascot was a kangaroo:

And his pouch was full of candy, so he was a very popular marsupial:

The St. Lawrence County Maple Queen who, you may remember, I met at one of my springtime visits to a sugar house:

Cabot Cheese participated (this was, after all, a celebration of the dairy industry). The man next to me quipped, "Why aren't you handing out cheese?" and the lady in the truck said the people following them were doing just that. Indeed, a number of marchers were handing out small packages of Cabot cheese. Alas, I didn't get one:

This handsome team waited beneath a maple for their chance to get into the parade with a lady and tiny baby in the wagon. Everyone, including the horses, looked bored:

And lastly, there were antique tractors - a John Deere:

An Allis Chalmers:

And another John Deere. I was in a residential neighborhood where the parade began and so hopped in my car and found a way back to the highway which avoided the crowded downtown streets. It had been a fun and impressive parade. I hope to return next year:

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