Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pets At Home

Life on the farm has been busy ever since winter finally ended. The household pets, however, are still spending most of their days lounging comfortably - like Fergus, Snoozey and Bramble in this photo:

The cats stay indoors but the dogs love to go outside into their fenced yard:

And they all enjoy the kitchen floor pillows:

Except that Bramble began peeing on the floor pillows. I kept cleaning them and spraying them with enzyme deodorizer but it didn't stop him. I then put a litter box in the corner. Then I realized that I'd need a partition to keep the dogs out of it. Alas, none of that stopped Bramble and I began to remove the floor pillows, one at a time, as they got peed on. They were reduced to only since this photo was taken:

PeeWee has made a rather spectacular recovery from his stroke and is once again playful and doing his happy dance:

This is Bramble, the culprit depriving the other animals of their floor pillows. Does he look guilty? He should:

For a little old dog who is nearly deaf and blind, and has survived a vicious attack by a big dog, a corneal ulcer and a major stroke, PeeWee is doing remarkably well:

Snoozey is a major lover of floor pillows. Notice that by the time this photo was taken, there was only one left - and Snoozey claimed it:

Upstairs in the bedroom, Seamus watches over little PeeWee:

And the other three dogs sleep atop the bed where it's extra soft:

All in all, it's been a good summer so far for the household pets:

Do you suppose that Bramble is asking Clover to move so he can pee on that pillow?

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