Thursday, June 19, 2014

High Falls On The Salmon River - Part 2

We were hiking to High Falls on the Salmon River. Most of the muddy spots and deep ravines had bridges with planks or logs:

And the forest was exquisitely beautiful:

Foamflowers were blooming everywhere:

Clover and Daphne were having a grand time exploring:

And running and playing. Notice Fergus in full gallop:

"Sheesh, Dad. Can't you walk any faster?:"

I began to hear the formerly placid Salmon River through the trees. It was beginning to pick up speed and getting louder as we proceeded toward the falls:

Daphne and Seamus posed for a photo:

This tiny (notice the ant) ferny moss was beautiful:

The dogs seemed to sense a mounting excitement as the roar of the river increased, so much so that I had to keep calling them back to prevent them running ahead:

As for me, I was still learning to use my braces and walking slower than I used to. The dogs would just have to wait for me to catch up:

We arrived at a site where the Salmon River roared around an island:

And then began plunging down a flume. This is where I began to worry about the dogs (not to mention myself). A fall into the water here would carry one down the flume and over the falls. We were almost there. I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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