Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pets At Home

It's time for a pet update. The dogs enjoyed their green grass and loved to watch the north field and town road, ever alert for Amish wagons, passing cars or anything which moved - any excuse to bark:

Little PeeWee continued hanging out with the rest of the dogs, though I had to carry him in and out of the house for a long time after his stroke:

Bramble, Clover, Fergus and Snoozey enjoyed each other's company:

We were leaving for a hike and Daphne and Clover were quite excited to look out the car window and see our own cows. For their part, the cows were not impressed:

It was a fine springtime to be outdoors, and all the more so because of the long, difficult winter we endured:

The kitchen floor pillows continued to be a popular meeting spot:

Snoozey and Bramble got cozy:

And the dogs watched the rooster from the safety of their fenced yard:

All in all, it has been a very fine springtime, however belated:

Clover and Bramble got cozy:

And Snoozey begged for attention:

I have four cat trees at the top of the stairs, though only these two are popular with the cats. In this instance, Snoozey, Rocky and Bramble kept each other company:

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