Friday, June 6, 2014

Household Pets And More On The Story Of PeeWee

Life remains relaxed and comfy for the dogs and cats in the family:

And I am grateful that they all get along so well:

The floor pillows in the kitchen are indeed the most popular spot in the house:

Well, the bedroom is also, though that is off limits except for actual bed time:

The "Silly Sisters" still are best friends:

And I've been trying to teach the Guinea Pig how to "shake." I suppose it would be a bit of silliness on my part, except that she enjoys the attention and has become very tame and friendly:

Little PeeWee almost died after his stroke, but after about a week, he began to show signs that he was rallying:

PeeWee couldn't sleep upstairs in the bedroom for awhile after his stroke and had to sleep downstairs in a crate. Gigantic Seamus tried to move into/onto PeeWee's doggy bed. After finding this scene one morning, I moved PeeWee's dog bed into the closet:

But PeeWee continued to improve and get stronger. After a couple of weeks, he was able to walk up and down the ramp into the back yard and was again sleeping in his dog bed, upstairs with his family:

And he loved spending time outdoors in the sunshine:

Seamus and his little buddy, PeeWee, were able to share the bedroom floor once again:

PeeWee still sleeps like he's unconscious, but he continues to show signs of improvement. In this instance, Fergus and Daphne came over to see what was happening, perhaps to see why PeeWee was getting all the attention:

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