Sunday, June 15, 2014

McAuslin Road to O'Connell Road - Part 2

I was on a driving tour of McAuslin/O'Connell Road (see Part 1, yesterday's post) and it was taking me through scenes of rural beauty. This mobile home had been sided and roofed, with a front porch added:

A home with an enormous pile of firewood. This family plans to be ready in case we have another rough winter:

A pair of handsome horses:

And a logging operation. I wondered if it might be where the pile of firewood I'd just seen had come from:

A small red house and shed with a brand new, gravel driveway:

A log home with a large play-ship out back for the kids:

A forest brown home, set back in the trees:

A mobile home with lots of equipment and a wonderful, split rail fence:

It appeared that this mobile home and van were no longer being used:

And an old. abandoned farm house and barn. The barn's roof had collapsed. There was still more to see, so I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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