Monday, February 1, 2010

Traveling Back Down Hurricane Mountain Road

The dogs were enjoying their rest stop at the turn-around for snow plows on Hurricane Mountain Road. This grouping is my three midget dogs - Wren, Winky and Wally:

Fergus and Seamus are young and cover ground quickly. They can rapidly explore a wide area and don't seem to miss a thing. Hey, wait a minute! Where was Casey? Well, she was there with us somewhere:

Once I had them all back into the car (see the previous post), we headed back down Hurricane Mountain Road toward the highway. I thought briefly that this rocky crag might be Hurricane Mountain but then remembered that the real thing has a fire tower on top. This pretender, however, would surely have some nice views from its rocky heights:

The highest building on the road had a sign proclaiming it to be Calkin Farm. When I got home I checked the internet and found a Wikipedia listing for it as an historic site of Essex County but could find no further information. Perhaps it's a museum during the summer, but it was locked up and empty of people on this January day:

These old hard scrabble farms were, I presume, worth close to nothing not long ago. But I'll bet their views would now enable their owners to sell them for handsome prices:

An old farmstead with barn. Notice the mountain range in the background. Wouldn't you like to ride your horse into that back forty? Well, perhaps not in this weather but in summertime:

There are spots along Hurricane Mountain Road with first class mountain views (and just look at that sky!):

And this cute log cabin which I'm guessing is someone's summer camp:

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