Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Views Of The Adirondack Scenery

The dogs and I were traveling west on Route 9N into the Adirondack Mountains. We'd made a side trip up Hurricane Mountain Road and the dogs had taken a rest stop at the snow plow turn around. Now it was time to get serious and make some real progress traveling to the farm:

The weather was turning relatively warm and the main roads were clear. The skies also were clear and allowed me to have some great views of the mountains to the south and west:

I apparently was higher up in the mountains than I realized, for I saw the road ahead begin to descend:

And it began descending steeply down into the valley toward the town of Elizabethtown:

The views were so spectacular that I began stopping on the shoulder and taking pictures frequently:

And at each consecutive stop the view was glorious yet slightly different. I'll post more such photos in upcoming posts:

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