Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arriving At The Farm

It had been a long drive, but the dogs and I finally came to the end of Route 458 at the northern boundary of the Adirondack Park. We were almost to the farm. I stopped briefly at the town square in Hopkinton because I wanted to investigate their museum. I figured I could either tour it right then (leaving the dogs waiting for me once again) or find out when it was open so I could tour it some other time. This is the museum and library which, alas, was closed and had no hours posted:

On the other side of the town square was a barn and a Congregational Church:

In the center of the square was a gazebo. And that red building on the right with the huge pile of firewood is Wilber's Hardware store, an old fashioned hardware store if ever there was one. But if you need to find something, they most likely have it. It's a long, long drive to Home Depot which may not have what you need when you get there anyway:

On the county road approaching my farm. You probably can't see it unless you click this photo to enlarge it. My farm is the farthest house on the left:

Now we're almost there. That's my house on the left with the big barn behind it:

When we arrived, I put the dogs out into their fenced yard while I unloaded the car, turned up the heat in the apartment and connected the water supply:

The drive was long, the temperatures cold and we were to return home in the morning. So the dogs and I spent the rest of our day relaxing. Seamus is getting comfortable here:

Casey and Fergus got right up on the bed while Winky and Wren stayed on the floor:

But where was Wally? Under the table in the corner! Why? I don't know. Wally chooses strange resting places sometimes, though he most always spends the night on my bed, sometimes positioning himself to act as my pillow:

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