Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Traveling Route 73 Through The High Peaks Region

Having made two side trips, I was back on my way to the farm and once again on Route 73 through the high peaks region of the Adirondacks. As I drove up out of the Keene Valley, I passed the Cascade Chain of lakes. With the first of the lakes on the left and a high peak straight ahead in the mountain pass, this is one of my favorite views. But there's no place there to pull of the road. Luckily, traffic was light that morning so I stopped and snapped this picture:

And just outside the town of Lake Placid, I stopped at this much photographed field:

This is one of the best mountain views along the road when the atmospheric conditions are right. On this day, the clouds were increasing but the mountains were still visible:

I never tire of gazing at these mountains. There are several homes which have these views every day. I wonder if the people who live there get so they don't even notice any more?

While I was out of the car snapping pictures, the dogs were waiting for me back in the car. When I turned around, I saw Fergus and Seamus watching me with great interest. Both dogs seem to have an intelligence and awareness which is beyond that of most dogs. I've read that is a characteristic of Poodles and Border Collies and I guess I am now witnessing it with my own eyes:

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