Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Brief Detour On A Country Road

The dogs and I were driving to the farm and had already taken one scenic detour, so when I noticed a turn-off, I took it. A narrow gravel road extended for miles along a flat valley with mountains all around:

This is a lovely scene by any standards, but if you click to enlarge it, you'll also notice a pair of horses in the field munching on hay:

Click on this photo also, and you'll see another pair of horses in that field. If I was going to be a horse, I'd like to live in this field with those mountains as scenery. Well, at least I'd like it in the summertime:

I was just passing the end of the field with the horses when another movement caught my eye. This small group of Whitetail Deer stopped to take a closer look at the strange man and dogs in the little red car:

I passed a modern cabin:

The road appeared to go on for many miles and I could find no plowed places to turn around. So I managed to get my little car turned around in the road and began heading back toward the highway. Of course that meant passing by the field of horses once again. If I click on this photo to enlarge it, I can count three horses, but I suspect there's more:

Now this is scenery. People from out west are amazed to learn that New York State has such wild places - but it does:

And one last snapshot of the field with four horses plainly visible. I suspect the white horse in this and the earlier photo was in some of the others but hard to see with snow in the background:

Almost back to the highway, I took one last picture of some mountains across a field and off in a different direction. And just take a gander at that sky!:

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