Saturday, February 20, 2010

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

Well, the dogs and I had made a rather lengthy but interesting trip up to the farm. The problem we encountered once there, however, was that everything was buried in snow and ice. And of course it was cold outside. So we just made ourselves comfortable and settled in for the evening. Making themselves comfortable is something at which the dogs are quite expert:

I confess that it did seem a bit of a shame to drive such a long way only to go to bed and then begin the return trip the next morning. Since the farm house is rented and all is running smoothly, I decided to go up less frequently, at least during the winter months. As you can see here, Seamus and Fergus are not fretting over my decision. To them, it's all good:

And Winky is a boy who is quite happy just to get comfortable:

Casey's age gives her special bed privileges:

Night has fallen outside, but inside we're all warm and comfy. All the dogs except Wally are shown here:

And there's Wally (who also has bed privileges):

Winky needed exercise so switched to a different pillow. Now he's exhausted:

And it appears that Seamus is praying - for a dog treat, perhaps?:

Wren, my little porkopotomus, has climbed up onto a soft pillow and is ready for a power-nap:

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