Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Little Town Of South Colton

Certainly it had been a short visit to the farm. A long drive to get there, a short stay in my little apartment and now the dogs and I were driving back home, this time on a seldom used route through Parishville, Colton and South Colton. South Colton is a little Adirondack town which I especially like and we passed this field of horses just as we began entering it. I drove right by and then made a U-turn so I could return and snap a photo of these contented equines. I was particularly taken by the miniature horse on the left:

Sitting right alongside the highway, this is the horses' barn:

And another barn on the edge of South Colton:

I didn't stop at this general store but I should make it a point to do so in the future. This tiny business sells groceries, fuel, hardware, propane, ice and probably lots more:

And South Colton has an antiques store:

And the official "Welcome To South Colton" sign is on the Red Pine Pub, probably another good place for this tourist to stop while making the journey in the future:

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