Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr. Seamus, You Have Mail

I arrived home from work one recent day and found a package on my front porch addressed directly to Seamus. I brought it indoors and put it on my desk. Seamus seemed unusually interested, almost as if he knew it was for him. When I opened the package, I discovered that a friend I met when volunteering at the Animal Shelter had baked him pumpkin dog biscuits. I guess Seamus smelled them right through the packaging:

This friend had read here on this blog that Seamus didn't fit on any of the dog beds. So she purchased 4 pillow cases for jumbo body-pillows and sewed them together to form two giant dog beds for a giant dog. I just had to fill them with some extra long pillows. I found pillows at Wal-Mart and filled Seamus' new beds, one for downstairs:

And one for the bedroom upstairs:

However, it didn't take long to discover that the other dogs liked this plus-sized comfort also. Here, Winky has claimed the center position while Casey, Wally and Fergus chew rawhide chewies off to the side:

In this group shot, both dogs and cats collect around Seamus' new downstairs dog bed. But who's missing? Seamus is missing! He must have been off eating some dinner:

Winky takes the center but does not play "dog in the manger." He's agreeable to other dogs or cats joining him:

Seamus loves his new giant dog beds and especially the one upstairs in the bedroom where he spends the night in new found comfort. So I'll end this blog post with a scene of lazy, snoozing pets enjoying the good life:


  1. I like a dogs and very nice dogs in picture

    1. Thank you. My dogs are my buddies and a blessing to my life.