Tuesday, February 16, 2010

High Peaks and Rest Stops

The dogs and I were traveling toward the farm. We'd had several mini-adventures and, though this was becoming a very lengthy trip, it was an interesting one. Leaving the town of Saranac Lake, the dogs and I continued on toward the farm through Brighton where I pulled over briefly to snap a shot of some high peaks not too far in the distance:

The town of Brighton has many places with excellent views and this is one of them:

And when it comes to views, they don't come much better than this which was taken from the edge of the road as you can tell by the guard rails:

And as I passed by a small cemetery, I noticed a coyote trotting along in the same direction as I was headed. I stopped and rolled down the window. The coyote stopped to watch me as I snapped the picture. His tail and rump looked bare, possibly from mange. He held still until I snapped the photo and then he ran off in the opposite direction. A person only gets one chance to take a picture in a situation like this:

Only a half hour or so from the farm, I stopped at a parking area on Route 458 to let the dogs out for a rest stop. They were happy to do so as it had been a long drive so far. Fergus and Seamus, the two youngsters, took off immediately:

Old Casey is getting slower and her old bones are stiffening up, but she still can cover ground:

Fergus, Wally, Seamus and Casey give the place a sniff test, reading the doggy equivalent of a daily newspaper:

Wren, my little porkoptomus, waddles along at a slower speed:

And Winky is of a distinctly independent mindset, not requiring my company or that of the other dogs:

Wren and Winky are best buddies, however, and frequently travel together:

Wren and Casey are already in the back of the car. Wally, Winky, Fergus and Seamus have done their exploring and left behind their deposits. It's time now to get them all back in the car and finish making the journey to the farm:

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