Friday, February 26, 2010

A Wild West Adirondack 1950s Town

Taking a different route than normal on my return trip from the farm brought me through the town of Tupper Lake. I only travel this route occasionally and each time I enter downtown Tupper Lake, I promise myself I'll snap some photos. It has the appearance of a wild west town mixed with Adirondack styling and 1950s kitsch. I find it enormously appealing. On this wintry Sunday morning, the traffic and shoppers were few and far between so I decided to wait no longer. For starters, this insurance building is adorned with Adirondack stones and white cedar logs:

And more of the "foresty" look on this downtown building:

This seller of "Rustic Design" even has the classic Adirondack twig art. And the Swiss Kitchen was doing a booming business on that Sunday morning:

This 1950s style movie theater was called the "State," but a letter had fallen off, rendering it only the "Tate." I laughed because it reminded me of the Elvira movie where falling marquis letters left an obscene message:

Another Adirondack store front:

When I was a boy, my mother drove my sister and me across the country to visit her relatives in Oregon every other summer. We did much touring of the western parts of the country and downtown Tupper Lake reminds me of many of those towns. This building even had two horse statues on its roof. Casper, Wyoming would be proud:

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