Sunday, February 28, 2010

Heading Toward Home, The Final Leg Of The Journey

In this final post about my journey home from the farm, you can see the sort of weather I was encountering. It was rainy and very windy. And I do mean very windy! The dogs and I passed through the town of Tupper Lake and headed for Long Lake where we passed Hoss's general store. I learned on a previous trip that their deli is not worth stopping for, but I should stop and investigate souvenirs and gift items one of these days. On this trip, I passed it by and bought a ready-made sandwich at the local gas station quick mart (Stewarts). But the Hoss's building is always a welcome sight with its Adirondack kitsch - bears carved from logs, twig art and siding which looks like birch bark. It really does look like birch bark but covering that much area, I suppose it's got to be imitation:

By the time I passed this log cabin style Episcopal church in the town of Newcomb, the winds were howling through the mountain passes:

And just down off the highway I noticed this little cabin and outhouse. Cute though it is, If I were to own an Adirondack cabin, I'd want it to be farther off the highway:

And heading southeast out of Newcomb on Route 28N, I was only mildly surprised to be stopped by this tree which had been downed by the high winds:

Still on Route 28N, I passed this modern style house near Minerva, New York with a phenomenal view of an Adirondack peak with its head in the clouds:

Also near Minerva, I took a moment to snap a picture of this beautiful barn. I love old barns and some day would like to make a photographic record of their rustic beauty. But a simple snapshot of this one Adirondack structure will have to suffice for now:

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