Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hurricane Mountain Road

I was driving west on Route 9N into the Adirondack Park when I saw a road sign for Hurricane Mountain Road. I turned around and headed my car up that road because I'd hiked Hurricane Mountain many years ago. It was a rugged hike with a world class view at the top. There was also a fire tower. But once I'd hiked that mountain and rested at the top, I noticed that some people had been able to drive up there on a small local road. Instead of feeling cheated, I made a mental note to find that road some day and ascend the mountain the easy way. Well, this must surely be the road!

This was a two lane blacktopped road with a few farms and camps along the way. One of the first was this pleasant mountain farm with horses:

And more horses:

The view opened up in places to show the surrounding mountains:

After a few miles, the road narrowed and the snow plows had stopped. I thought the small road which continued up the mountain was probably the local's route to the top of Hurricane Mountain. I hope to drive up there when better weather comes. But the turn-around for the snow plows provided me with a good place to let the dogs out. Seamus and Fergus were off and running as soon as the car door opened:

The other four dogs were less energetic. They just wanted to sniff around and relieve their bladders. This spot in particular fascinated them. I can only guess that some wild animal had recently been there:

Fergus really was fidgety and anxious to get out and move around. In fact, he didn't want to get back into the car, even after all the other dogs were loaded and I wanted to drive away. I finally began driving back down the mountain without him. That alarmed him sufficiently to get him back into the car:

The small road continued up the mountain from here but had not been kept plowed. I plan to return here in better weather for a mountaintop view. This last photo is my little car parked in the snow plow turn-around:

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