Saturday, January 16, 2010

Continuing Homeward Through A Snowstorm

I was driving home from the farm with my six dogs in the back of the car while the snow continued to pile up outside and the winds blew with a fierceness which was at best uncomfortable and at worst frightening. I decided that my best defense, other than defensive driving, was to be alert and appreciative of the wintry beauty as I passed by. This lovely old weathered barn and its adjacent apple tree fit that description:

There were very few places where I could actually see mountains through the falling snow:

You may not notice it until you click this photo to enlarge it, but there is a house in that woods. This forest sits at the base of the Adirondack's highest and most scenic peaks. It's also adjacent to a broad, flat section which affords fantastic views. Furthermore, many ski areas are nearby. I'd guess this is very expensive real estate:

You'd never know it to see this photo, but the highest and most famous of the Adirondack peaks are, in better weather, visible behind this field. On the day I was passing through I saw mostly snow:

For comparison, here's a picture of the mountains behind that same field taken this past summer:

But back to winter. I'd gotten out of the car to snap the snowy photo of the field and mountains. When I returned to the car I also took a couple of silly pictures of the dogs in the back of the car. This was one case where they weren't overly anxious to get out and run. They knew it was cold and windy:

The dogs have a rug in the back of the car both for their comfort and as a protection for me against the possibility of canine car-sickness, etc. It's served me well. Our journey continued and I'll post more photos of the drive home in days to come:

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