Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The farm in winter is a beautiful sight but on this weekend the temperature was falling, the winds were increasing and the snowfall was becoming heavy. The man from across the road was by to plow out my driveway, leaving snowbanks five feet high in places:

Fergus, Casey and Seamus don't mind the cold and snow and were able to venture right out into it. The other three dogs weren't at all happy about it. Besides the paths which Seamus made, I also went out and opened up some areas with a snow shovel:

This was winter at its most severe, though it was also quite lovely (as long as a person stayed warm, that is):

I'd taken a brief walk around the house and yard but the cold, wind and snow soon forced me back indoors. The dogs were all resting inside feeling safe and warm, so I decided to do likewise:

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