Friday, January 15, 2010

The Northern Adirondacks In Winter

The dogs and I had left the farm a day early because of the continuing winter storm and were driving back through the Adirondacks headed for home. The weather was poor but the snow plows were keeping the roads cleared and the scenery along the roads was beautiful - in a wintry sort of way, that is:

In more pleasant weather, I'm inclined to keep my eyes on the distant mountains. But during a snowstorm, only the closer scenery is visible which gives one a different perspective. This bog is lovely in the summertime, but also fascinating when frozen and snowy:

I found one spot where I could actually see a few mountains in spite of the snow:

You may recall all the former photos of Barnum Pond which I've taken during nicer weather. Well, here it is during a snowstorm. Most of the background mountains are hidden from view and everything is frosted in icy white:

And in case you don't remember how Barnum Pond looks in the summertime, here's a photo of the same scene from this past summer:

This barn sits in a hayfield in the town of Brighton. In the summertime, there's high peaks in the background:

Another cemetery in the town of Brighton, one at which I've never stopped. Some day when the snow is gone (or at least plowed), I'll give it a try:

This old barn sits close to the road and reminds me that this flat valley was once all farms. There are still some nice hay fields here, though I don't believe any of the hay is stored in the barns any more. There is one farm raising horses and longhorn cattle nearby, but otherwise, the flat land is gradually being "suburbanized:"

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