Thursday, January 28, 2010

Driving A New Route Into The Adirondacks

I'd driven farther north than usual before turning west into the Adirondacks as I'd hoped to stop and visit a litter of Havanese puppies. This is a new breed to me which I'd read is small, cute and lively without being delicate. In fact, Havanese are reportedly the only tiny breed recommended for families with young children. They are reportedly highly intelligent and love all people and all animals. I thought I might raise some in my retirement years. Unfortunately, the family who raised them was not available but I was on my way to the farm and this side trip allowed me to take a new route and see new scenery.

As I drove west on Route 9N into the Adirondacks from the Lake Champlain valley, mountains began rising up all around me:

The highway was apparently rather high in the mountains as there was a steep drop-off alongside the road and high peaks not too far distant:

The sky was clear and I could see for miles:

We were having a relatively warm and sunny spell which meant that snow was melting rapidly. The distant peaks, however, remained snow covered except where the snow had slid down:

At every turn I saw mountains and clear sky, though it occurred to me that the view would have been lessened in summertime with leaves on the trees:

I continued on into the Adirondack Park on my way to the farm. I'll post many more photos in days to come.

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