Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Early Morning Snooze-Fest

I awoke one recent morning, let the dogs outdoors briefly to do their business and settled down at my computer to check email etc. But then I noticed with amusement the sleeping dogs on the floor all around me. After a full night of sleeping in my bedroom and one bathroom break, they were once again sound asleep. It's a dog's life as the saying goes. Here, Seamus and Fergus are napping together with Wren not far away:

Old Casey found a soft dog bed and opened her eyes only to see what I was up to with the camera:

Similarly, Wally was snoozing but was momentarily interested in why I was sneaking around the room snapping pictures:

Wren stands as little as possible, and here found herself a nice comfy spot on the rug. I can only guess that she hadn't wanted to expend the energy to mountain-climb up that steep pillow:

Winky, belying his famous contrary demeanor, wanted to be right at my feet under the desk (which is really my family's kitchen table from when I was a boy many decades ago):

So as I typed away at the computer, a whole passel of languid dogs snoozed on the floor around me:

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